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  • WVUID Principles
    • One of the primary objectives of the West Virginia University's Information Security Policy is the protection of private, proprietary and other sensitive information resources in accordance with valid business and regulatory purposes. This policy clearly states that confidential information such as Social Security Number requires the highest level of protection due to the risk and magnitude of loss or harm that could result from its unauthorized disclosure.

    • In line with this policy, and to conform to both Federal and State law, the University has made a commitment to eliminate the use of Social Security Number as the primary identifier in any of its administrative systems by August of 2005 and will replace it with a locally generated West Virginia University ID (i.e., WVUID).

    • The WVUID has been defined as a unique, nine character number (nnn-nnn-nnn) which will be assigned to all members of the University community and will be the primary identifier for all faculty, staff, and students.

    • By law, the University must collect and maintain Social Security Numbers for reporting and communicating to various legitimate agencies. With the implementation of the WVUID, it will be University Policy that Social Security Number be excluded from any publication, report, web page, or data extract generated by an administrative or academic office unless required by law and approved by the ID Management Committee.
      Only three (3) systems (MAP, STAR, and Mountaineer Card) as of March 1, 2005 have been authorized to collect and maintain Social Security Number. However, these systems are still limited in how this information can be used, distributed and/or viewed.

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